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Data  and tools generated in our group

Genome Assembly and Annotation

Schrenkiella parvula Version 2.0 (Apr. 2014) (formerly Thellungiella parvula or Eutrema parvula)

Genome assembly:  Genome sequence (fasta)
Genome annotation: CDS (fasta),

Notes on the update:

       -  Genome contig/scaffolds and gene models renamed reflecting the chromosome model.

       -  Redundant genome contig/scaffolds were removed.

Schrenkiella parvula Version 1.0 (Aug. 2011)  (Dassanayake et al., 2011)

Genome assembly: Genome sequence (fasta)
Genome annotation: CDS (fasta)

RNAseq and Transcriptome Data

Cell type-specific responses to salinity - the epidermal bladder cell transcriptome of Mesembryanthemum crystallinum  (Oh et al., 2015)

Genome structures and transcriptomes signify niche adaptation for the multiple-ion-tolerant extremophyte Schrenkiella parvula (Oh et al., 2014)

      - S. parvula genome version 2.0 (see above) was used for this study.

Comparative genomics tools to identify shared evolutionary genomic variation


Tool to identify and annotate orthologous genomic units including genes in multiple genomes


Tool to create orthology based networks

Pipeline described at doi: and can be downloaded from GitHub


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