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FOCUS 1: Create Novel Genomic and Transcriptomic Resources
8 billion reads >> ~1500 contigs >> 36 contigs >> 7 chromosomes

Schrenkiella parvula




(Dassanayake & Oh et al., Nature Genetics, 2011)

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies have enabled high throughput sequencing of genomes and transriptomes of previously unexplored species. We have used NGS to create reference genomes and transcriptomes of plants adapted to multiple abiotic stresses. We use hybrid assembly pipelines to assemble millions of short reads into longest possible contiguous sequences that can serve as reference sequences for comparative genomics and transcriptomics in Focus2.

(See the RESOURCES page for updates on the genome assembly and annotation)

Assembled genome of Schrenkiella parvula

Rhizophora mangle, Twin Cays, Belize

Image by John Cheeseman

Images by Hyewon Hong

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