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Among halophytes, mangrove plant communities represent a diverse taxonomic group that are adapted to tropical intertidal coastal ecosystems. Convergent evolution is evident at the morphological level, although different mangrove species carry diverse physiological and life history traits to adapt to a common habitat. We investigate shared evolutionary mechanims for salt stress tolerance among other abiotic stresses at the transcriptome level in diverse mangroves, salt marsh plants, sea grass, plants from salt flats,  and other coastal habitats.

FOCUS 3: Explore Shared Evolutionary Paths in Stress Adaptation 

Avicennia dominant mangrove community, Twin Cays, Belize

Rhizophora propagules

Rhizophora dominant mango community, Maadu River, Sri Lanka

(left) Plantago coronopus, Ireland

(right) Armeria maritimaIreland

(left) Plantago maritima 
and (right) Spergularia rupicola

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