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Salt-adapted extremophytes (halophytes) represent a diverse taxonomic group which are also ecologically and structurally diverse. Traits associated with salt tolerance is convergently evolved among flowering plant lineages. We investigate shared evolutionary mechanisms and genetic networks preferentially employed by halophytes such as mangroves, salt marsh plants, sea grasses, plants from salt flats,  and other coastal plants.

FOCUS 3: Explore Shared Evolutionary Paths in Stress Adaptation 

Avicennia dominant mangrove community, Twin Cays, Belize

Rhizophora propagules

Rhizophora dominant mango community, Maadu River, Sri Lanka

(left) Plantago coronopus, Ireland

(right) Armeria maritimaIreland

(left) Plantago maritima 
and (right) Spergularia rupicola

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